This Guild is a professional organisation of Intimacy Practitioners who wish to establish a recognised standard of professionalism in the industry.

All members of the Guild agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. 

Intimacy Practitioners must take all reasonable measures to protect the safety and wellbeing of actors, as well as crew members while on set or in theatre. This applies from the start of the Intimacy Practitioners’ contract.

As an organisation, we condemn any and all behaviour that abuses, disrespects and undermines any individual. Harassment and bullying have no place in our industry, or any other. 

Steps for Complaints

If any interested party has a complaint against a member of the Guild, please do contact a member of the Committee at for support or guidance. This will be treated confidentially and with due care and guidance. Any enquiry will be treated with the utmost respect and in the strictest Confidence within the Committee. 

Who will see the complaint?

Depending on the nature of your complaint, the relevant Committee member contacted may direct you to an appropriate third party such an actors’ union, or in some instances, the police. This may also depend on the jurisdiction in which you are located and where the activity you are referring to took place.

If you wish the matter to be taken forward by the Guild, the complaint may be escalated to the Committee for its consideration and to discuss the details of the complaint. The details of your complaint will also be kept confidential. The Member will be notified at this stage that a complaint has been lodged, but the details will not be given, unless agreed.

What might the outcomes be if a complaint about one of its Members reaches the Committee?

● We can provide informal advice to the complainant;

● A Committee member might act as an impartial mediator, if to do so would be appropriate;

● The Member in question might be required to undertake further training;

● If the Committee finds that there are reasonable grounds to suspect the allegation of misconduct occurred by one of its Members, it can take action to suspend or expel the Member from the Guild.