Kaya Kołodziejczyk / Screen – Poland & Belgium

Kaya (she/her) works in the field of choreography, performance art and contemporary dance.With a solid background and years of experience as a professional dancer, choreographer for theatre, opera, television and film productions,Kaya provides high level services in projects that deal with the body and its intimacy. In addition to her artistic activities, Kaya is involved […]

Cynthia Abma / Screen – Netherlands

Based In Amsterdam, Cynthia Abma (she/her) has been an all round Dutch actress for more than 34 years. As from 2021, she has been working as anIntimacy Coordinator in The Netherlands and EU. As lead Intimacy Coordinator she worked on more than 25 Films, TV series, Theatre and Musical productions.Credits include productions for Netflix, Amazon, […]

Tábata Cerezo / Screen – Spain

Tábata Cerezo

Tábata Cerezo is a Spanish actress and intimacy coordinator. In 2021 she was selected by Safe Sets to be part of Netflix’s Grow Creative program for IC’s. Together with Lucía Delgado she founded IntimAct, the first Spanish company of professionals that specialise in intimacy coordinationThey have worked with award-winning Spanish directors such as Daniel Sánchez […]

Erga Yaari / Screen – Israel

Erga Yaari

Erga is the founder of the Intimacy Coordination profession in the Israeli film and television industry. She is experienced in directing and producing movies dealing with gender and sexuality and working as an artistic designer in screen and stage productions. In addition, as a certified Non-Violent-Communication coach and mediator she has mentored individuals and couples […]

Pia Rickman / Stage & Screen – Finland / UK

Pia Rickman

Pia introduced intimacy coordination in Finland in 2019 as a pioneering Intimacy Coordinator. Pia’s prior on-set experience as an assistant director and production manager, and her current position as a lecturer of acting, gives Pia a unique angle on intimacy coordination both within education and the industry. Pia’s recent credits include work at the Finnish […]

Kasia Szustow / Screen – Poland & Switzerland

Kasia facilitates consent based creative processes with focus on implementing director’s precise vision with full respect to performers’ boundaries. Kasia worked on film productions: “The Mire’97” (dir. Jan Holoubek, Netflix), “Filip” (dir. Michał Kwieciński, premiere: 2022), “The Elephant” (dir. Kamil Krawczycki, premiere: 2022) and performances at the Schauspielhaus Zürich: „Kurze Interviews mit fiesen Männern – […]